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I was looking into the backup and restore processes for Appsearch. Based on How to backup and restore your engines? - Elastic Enterprise Search - Discuss the Elastic Stack I had a look at the out of the box snapshots, but within Appsearch this isn't 1:1 usable. We are using continues API based engines and exploring the possibility to go back 1 day for example in case of data issues on a specific engine.

Is there any input/advise how to make this possible? Especially the full overwrite doesn't seem possible without additional actions.

[Untested / exploring]
Temporarily use another engine:

  1. Use a metadata engine set-up (even with 1:1 engine usage)
  2. Restore .ent-search-engine-documents-xxxxx from snapshot
  3. Rename engine to a new name
  4. Do not restore alias
  5. After restore adjust index.hidden to allow usage in Appsearch
  6. Create a Elasticsearch based index with a proper name and alias
  7. Switch engine in meta engine temporarily to the restored engine

Overwrite existing engine

  1. Use existing engine & alias during restore
  • When restoring to an existing engine this is not allowed as the index is open. Closing the (hidden) index allows restore and opens up the index automatically again

  • When restoring the engine that doesn't exist anymore (i.e. someone deleted it by mistake) restoring is successful, but it is not visible in AppSearch. Trying to create the Appsearch engine results in an error (requiring manual action in .ent-search-actastic-search_indices_v1 to release the engine name for future usage - 'Already in use error').

  • When creating an Appsearch engine first with the previous name and restoring into it (including closing index - see bullet 1) is successful, but unusable as schema, result settings and other settings are not restored. These are not included in the .ent-search-engine-documents-xxxxx index.

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