Backup repository credential

Hi all,

I have a question concerning the configuration of the repository within ElasticSearch config file.
We are running a 4 nodes cluster on Windows, we need to store the backup on a dedicated server, we create a shared folder on this, but this server is not on the domain. We defined specific credential to access this folder.

How can I specify those credential on the ElasticSearch.yml ? or is a specific plug in or best practice that I can use ?

I try to define a network drive and store those credential within the network drive, but I'm always getting an error and ElasticSearch stop working -> Unable to access 'path.repo' (Z:\Repo)

Do you have any other workaround or possibility for that ?


this need share

see this:

Assuming that the shared filesystem is mounted to /mount/backups/my_backup, the following setting should be added to elasticsearch.yml file:

path.repo: ["/mount/backups", "/mount/longterm_backups"]
The path.repo setting supports Microsoft Windows UNC paths as long as at least server name and share are specified as a prefix and back slashes are properly escaped:

path.repo: ["\\\\MY_SERVER\\Snapshots"]


Thanks for your reply, this works but now is how to give specific credential to access this shared drive ?


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