Backup/restore ES data

I have an ES instance + replica running on a machine. I would like to move it all to a separate machine. I was able to do it using elasticdump - However, before proceeding with moving all of the data, I want to know if I need to run the dump on the replica's data also. Or running it on just the main instance enough? Will there be any loss of data if I do not dump data out from the old replica to the new replica?


Generally we recommend snapshot and restore for taking backups, to make sure you get everything you need. I don't think that elasticdump copies cluster metadata like templates across, which is what the "include_global_state": true restore setting does.

You can also shut down your cluster, move all the data directories to their new locations, and then start Elasticsearch up again in its new home.

This is the best news for my use case :slight_smile:

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