Elasticsearch backupandRestore

Hello All, I have elasticsearch, filebeat and kibana installed on one server and have been using it for 2 years now. Today i got to know that server i was using will be removed/teardown and no copy of data will happen. I will have to reinstall everything from scratch on new server. Wanted to know how we can backup the elasticsearch data and use it to restore on new server. Any help really appreciate it.


Since you have a single instance, you have quite a few options with varying levels of configuration complexity and uptime.

  1. Shut the node down, copy the data, and start it back up on the new server.

  2. Elasticsearch has a Snapshot and Restore feature you could use to snapshot the data and restore to a new cluster somewhere else.

  3. You could use Cross-Cluster Replication

Hello Tyler, thanks for immediate response. If you could elaborate more on option 1, will be of great help. I am not much familiar with detail concept of how elasticsearch/kibana works inside out. If the option is easy compared to other two, i can have shutdown elasticsearch/kibana service and can have good down time to backup the data.


as @tylersmalley said #1 is easy

copy all in another system.

what ever your datapath dir, I have /data01/elasticsearch

and on new server (same name) copy back this and It will work. I have done that once. hopefully going to do same in November when new server comes in.

Oh ok got it, great if it works that way. Thanks much.

Yup, as Sachin said just copy the elasticsearch and kibana directories over to the new server. You can even do a test run and copy it over to the new server to verify everything works as expected to minimize downtime.

Yup, thats the plan i will follow. Thanks Tyler and Sachin. Will update here once all goes well.

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