Back up Kibana Cluster Data ? Where and How?


I'm trying to migrate my Kibana Data configurations from one server to a new one, with snapshots.

I already have a saved objects back up with the API, and now i want to back up my index templates, policies, rollup and transform jobs. I managed to do it once by erasing all system index and by restoring a snapshot containing all .xxxxx system index but then my kibana crashed and failed (or my elasticsearch) so i reinstalled both.

Do we now where those informations (index templates, policies, rollups and transforms jobs) are stored (all .kibana index or specific .kibana_X ? ) and can i copy them from one working server to another, new or not ?

I tried to use Elasticdump, snapshots, or raw copy of all index but nothing worked so far.

Thanks for your help,

Best Regards, Luigi.

If you setup a snapshot then you should have defined where it was storing that?

Hello warkolm, i'm not looking for the place where i store my snapshot or what is in my snapshot, i'm looking for the name of the indices where all index templates, policies, rollups and transforms jobs data are stored so i can copy them from my working server to a new one.

I'm also looking for a way to backup those datas, like an API command which restore all index templates, policies, rollups and transforms jobs datas without any conflict between old and new indices (example: when u try to restore a snapshot from a server to another, there are conflict on .kibana_XXX )

I hope u understand my need more precisely now, thanks for your time !

Best regards, Luigi.

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