Create Backup of all Kibana Objects

I would like to make sure that I'm able to restore all objects maintained by Kibana (Visualisations, Pipelines, Transformjobs, Dashboards, Templates, Fleet Settings and and and) from a snapshot. How can I achive that?

I've a shared storage / repository where I can store snapshots. But what is the recommended way to backup all the data mentioned above, which index to choose? I already tried to backup ".kibana" which is an alias for the Kibana index currently in use by my specific Kibana version. But if I do so, the snapshot details look like this - to me its confusing that the name of the backed up index is '.transform-notifications-000002' although I've choosed to backup ".kibana"index (see second screenshot

It looks like it is not possible to backup / snapshot hidden indices?

The "Indices" detail in the snapshot seem to be showing what data was backed up in that particular snapshot. Elasticsearch will not copy data that has already been backed up in an earlier snapshot, so perhaps the .kibana index has not changed since the previous snapshot.

Since this is more a question about snapshot and restore, you may have more luck asking in the Elasticsearch area of this forum:

I only have 4 Snapshots currently and not a single one shows me that the ".kibana" index (which is an alias in reality) has been backed up. I'm seeing that weird ".transform-notifications-*" index in every single snapshot although I have chosen to backup ".kibana" only. Does not really make sense to me at all.

I'm also surprised that such a fundamental task as backing up all Kibana settings and data is not found in any documentation?

.kibana is an alias. You have to specify index patterns or the actual index names when you select the indices to be backed up.

I know that its an alias, but even if I choose the index directly, the only backed up index is this weird ".transform-notifications-000002" index. Same if I choose to backup ".kibana_*". It seems to me like there is a problem with hidden system indices.

I also want to point out that it would'nt be a good solution at all to be forced to choose the index directly and not the alias. Because one have to take care of always editing the snapshot job after an Kibana upgrade because the currently use Kibana index contains the version number.

Could it be, that we have still this problem? Hidden indices are not included in the snapshots · Issue #57208 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub

I believe this snapshot already contains what you are after.

Kibana configuration and reports are included by default in a snapshot as a feature (when the global state is included as well), you can read more here. Looking at the daily-snap-2023.07.12-xxxxxxx it mentions that it includes the feature state of kibana. Based on this I would expect that you are covered.

I am not yet sure what the .transform-notifications-* index is about but to start with, I expect that this snapshot is enough.

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