How to backup / restore kibana index?


as far as I know, kibana is storing all of its data in an own index in elasticsearch.
Since plain kibana (xpack is too expensive for us) does not have any user roles, each user is equal and can modify or delete anything in kibana. By mistake dashboard may break, or whatever.

My intention now is to setup an automatic backup of the content of the kibana index. I thought of following option:


  • export the whole kibana index via curl
  • stop kibana
  • delete kibana index
  • create new kibana index
  • put all data from backup file to the index.

Then I can schedule the backup by cron for hourly or daily.

How can that be achieved? Are there any pitfalls I did not see?
Thanks Andreas

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hi @asp,

at first glance, that looks alright.

Have you looked at the snapshot/restore functionality of ES?

That's probably the most straightforward way to create backups of an index.

You might also want to try out elasticdump.

It's not created or supported by Elastic company, but it's pretty handy.


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