Bad Top values on Data table

I'm on Kibana V7.12.0
I have inconsistent values on data table :

Like you see, I have lot of Other value... But, I can understant why (the limits of 100 values).
But you can see "RepMgr.exe" is on second position with 8400 events.

And now the problem ! I Know sh.exe is a high value, so... I add in on filter !

So why I see sh.exe at 24 000 after filter and don't see sh.exe WITHOUT filter ?

I try to change "Rank by" Alphabetical by Count of records but that don't work:

Considering sh.exe is a top value, how can i see it without filter ?

Thank you.

Ok I'm a bit stupid:

I have to choice Rank by "Count of records" and Rank direction "Descending"

Thank you : p

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Glad you figured it out. For reference in case someone else is running into this:

There are two "sorting"s going on here - one is the "ranking" configured in the config panel to the right which is executed server side and restricts which data is actually streamed to the browser.

The second sorting of the table (indicated by the little arrow in the column header) is independent of this and is purely happening in the browser for display purposes.

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