Top 10 value in Data Table


i have some difficulties to make a pertinent Data table.

i'm trying to vizualize the top 10 of some transaction using the max elpased_time
So i need to vizualize the logon, the name of computer, the transaction Name and of course the elapsed_time

So i have set in metrics "Max elapsed_time" and i have 3 buckets (user, transaction, computer)

The issue is that i need to set for thoses buckets a big size number and i am not sure that's enough, it's possible to miss some pertinent data and it's become an huge table

At the final, i want just the top 10 of elapsed time and the associed value
How can i do that?

In order to just see the "top 10" results here, you need to decide what top 10 means. Is it the top largest elpased_time values by user? If so, then you should already have what you're looking for. The important part here is what you use for the first bucket, since the order matters; the data is first split up by that value, sorted as specified, and then those results are split up again for each following bucket.

What you're seeing now, assuming the bucket order you listed is the order you are using, is the top X (presumably 10, it depends what you picked for the bucket) result by user, then split up by transaction, and then split up again by computer. That's why you see more than 10 rows, you're asking it to split those rows up into more rows.

If all you care about is the Top 10 per user, just add the user bucket and neither of the other two. If you care about grouping by some other field, use that field instead. I

f you'd still like to see a breakdown, the best way to do that is to make 2 visualizations, one with just the single bucket, and one with however many dimensions/buckets you'd like to see. Then add both of the visualizations to a single dashboard and use the dashboard as a kind of overview, where you can see the results by user (or other dimension) and then refer to the other table to kind of drill down. You can also click on the value in the simpler table to create a filter that will apply to both of them and view more details for a single user that way.

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