Data table visualization in Kibana

I want to display Top WebService Actions by Avg Time in data table .

could you please tell me how to implement using data table visulaization
Below is the sample data : i need four column ( web service action , count ,Avg time , total time)

|Web Service Action| Count | Avg Time | Total Time |

|Demo action | 1,746 | 81,768,562|

you can do by going to visualisation->data table select the index
there provide the details under buckets aggregation as terms and thn in field webservice Action order by term ,use asc or desc order provide the size.
next select terms in sub aggregation under advanced ,thn in fields give avg time order by metric:count,give asc or desc and provide the will get three columns webserviceAction,AvtTime and count.

I am not getting the desired output. i have selected the index under datatable

  1. In metrics : i have selected count from drop-down

2)In Buckets , i have clicked on split rows
a) clicked on aggregation ,selected Terms, in fields, web service action and order by metric: count order by desc
b) clicked on sub Buckets: click on split row then selected sub aggregation
sub aggregation : terms
Field : Webserviceaction
order by : custome metric
aggreegation : average
order descending

b) do the following in select Field: Avg Time. and order by : metric

thanks, i am able to get the result now.

I have got one more requirement (Top 20 Frequent Requests by Avg Time Taken (>= 10 Occurrences))

could you please tell me how to give WHERE condition in KIbana data table ( i want only those row which have count greater than 10)

you can do in dsl query but not in visualization I think.I will check and come back to you.

ok thanks. i will wait for your reply

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