Bar chart from field value

I have three fields in the JSON like

"A": [
"B": [
"C": [

Want to draw a bar chart for the above with field name (A,B,C) in the X-axis and their value (97.0,95.0,140.0) in the Y-axis. How should i proceed ?


if you index your documents into something like: { name: A, value: 97} ...

then you can do a term split on name (for your x axis) and set value as a metric (probably average)

I have converted the fields A, B and C to integer in filter section-

mutate {

                convert => {
                              "A"       => "integer"
                              "B"       => "integer"
                              "C"      => "integer"


Then i re-index the documents to get the above three fields as numbers.

Once fields are available, in the bar chart section i have choosen X-axis as @timestamp date ranges and the fields A, B and C in Y-axis under the max aggregation. The bar mode being normal. I got the following.

and what do you expect ? still trying to solve the first issue (no date was mentioned there ?)

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