Building Kibana 5.2 visualization based on the data in the documents (keys as X axis, values as Y) instead of aggregation

Here is a sample document in my index:

I am trying to build a bar chart where instead of using aggregation I need to take the keys (0, 1, 2, etc) to use as X axis and corresponding values as Y. All aggregation has already been done in my pipeline.

Has anyone tried something like that? I would really appreciate any suggestions as I am really stuck on this.

Thank you,

I think your best bet here is to still aggregate by _id and use something like sum of 0, sum of 1, etc. as your metrics.

Hi Lukas. Thank you for responding. I was trying to use Terms aggregation but I cannot select _id as one of the fields. As you can see from my _id format they are date:hour based. Do you have any suggestions?

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