Barchart and Table

(massimo) #1

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask you if you can link a table to a single bar chart so that the data in the barchart will also change in the table change page. in Effects I would like the data represented in the frace to be only those visible in the table.

thank you very much for helping.

(Marius Dragomir) #2

Hello Massimo,

If you have the same aggregation in both the bar chart and the data table, the data will be updated by itself if you set "Auto-refresh" to ON. Other than using the same aggregation, there is no way yet in Kibana to tie together 2 visualizations. But feel free to open an enhancement request here:

(massimo) #3

Hi I have the same aggregation but if I go to page two of the table after the refresh returns to page 1. It's probably not the right path. I would like the two views to be linked. Thank you so much.

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