Is it possible to relate a data table to a vertical bar graph?

Hi guys, I want to relate a data table to a vertical bar graph in Kibana. I want that whenever a user clicks on a specific stack or the value on the x-axis, it takes him to a data table containing all the information for that particular value, or it will also be useful if the data table on the dashboard changes dynamically on user's click.

Please tell me if it's possible. If yes, then how can I achieve this?


This is default behavior if you place both a vertical bar graph and the data table on the same dashboard. Clicking a bar in the bar graph will set a filter and every visualization on the dashboard will reload bound to that filter.

Thanks @flash1293 for letting me know this.

One more ask is, do we have to go back every time to click on another bar? Because it applies those filters to all the visualizations on the dashboard, so we are not able to visualize other objects according to the previous filters we selected.

It's the same page, just a filter pill will get added in the top. You can add multiple at once to further narrow down the data visible. Or you can remove the ones you don't need.

Hitting the back button will indeed remove the last added filter.

Oh, thanks for the hack! It works well for me.

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