Basic License for Marvel - One Day expiry


(Chandan Pr) #1

I am trying to generate a Basic License for the using it along with marvel. The license gets generated with only one day validity. Is it designed to be so or am I missing something here?


(Shen Sophie) #2

I meet the same problem.

I've tried twice today. Both email say
"Thank you for using the Elastic Stack and registering for your free Basic license! This license expires on December 12, 2016."

Could anyone reply?

(Christian Dahlqvist) #3

This looks like a bug. I tested it myself with the same result and will raise it internally.

(Shen Sophie) #4

Thank you.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #5

The issue has now been fixed. @shen_sophie @Chandan_PR please try again.

(Chandan Pr) #6

Thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist

It worked now.

(system) #7

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