How to get the basic license?


I got the email from Elastic Team, but i can not find the new license, is this somehing wrong?

The following is the message content:

Thank you for executing the Marvel (Elasticsearch Monitoring) basic license, granting you access to continual use of the current version.

Here are some useful resources for you:
Marvel Documentation
Marvel Discussion forums
One of the top requests in Marvel came from the community asking for better management of daily indexes. “Marvel is too heavy,” we heard a number of times. In the current release, Marvel now has a default retention duration of 7 days. Beyond this period, the indices created by Marvel will be automatically deleted.

There are subscription licenses available that enable configuration of longer and customized retention intervals. Learn more about Elastic’s subscriptions, which also grant access to security, alerting and the new graph plug-in.

As always, we are here to help so if you have any questions you can just reply back to this email.

Happy monitoring!

Elastic Team

(Jay Modi) #2

Hi @xmnd

Did you respond to the email with a note saying that the license was missing? If not, please do that.



yes, i did it, but did not receive the message. It seems I may have to uninstall it

Thank you for your reply

(Jay Modi) #4

I sent a note internally to see what is going on here.

(Steve Kearns) #5

Hi @xmnd

It does appear that you registered successfully, and that an email was sent (to the same email you use for these forums). I'm not sure whether it was caught in your spam folder or something, but I'll send you a direct message with your license download URL.




I received your message, thanks very much for your help

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