Install Free License on Marvel 1.3

Hey guys,
we are using Marvel 1.3 with ES 1.7.X and i am quite curious how the installation of the free license in the older version of Marvel should work.

We are required to insert an Order Number/Support Quote Reference, however as i requested the free license from the elastic homepage, i just got an json file (which is ofc suitable for ES/Marvel 2.0 where the _license api from the escluster work) and dont got such a suitable number to activate Marvel 1.3

Any ideas on this?


Hi Horst,

Marvel 1.x does not use the same licensing system as Marvel 2.x, you cannot use your Basic license with Marvel 1.x. We are still planning to release a version of Marvel 1.x that removes the licensing requirement, to better align it with how Marvel 2.x works. There is no specific timeline for this release.


Any update to this? Has the free / basic license been released for Marvel 1.3?

I am curious about this also, Just installed Marvel and it says I have a 7 day trial. We are running on a dev environment