Marvel 1.3 : basic free licence?


(Damien Ferey) #1


Is it possible to use the basic free licence with marvel 1.3 ?

I found an old topic (december 2015 : Install Free License on Marvel 1.3 ) indicating you were planing to release a marvel 1.3 plugin without licence requirement, is it still planned (or already released ?)

(Mark Walkom) #2

No, it only applies to 2.X.


(Steve Kearns) #3

Indeed, we had very much intended to release Marvel 1.4 with the licensing removed! However, we opted to keep our focus on building and improving Marvel 2.x and now 5.0.

It's actually a coincidence (we've been planning this for a while) but starting today, all registrations for a Basic license will include a registration code for Marvel 1.3. It will be included in the email that we send as soon as you register. You can use that code to register Marvel 1.3 and remove the licensing messages.

Hope that helps!

(Damien Ferey) #4

Thank you, I just tried, it's OK !
The new mail contains a registration code for Marvel 1.3.

(system) #5