Basic license functionalities


(Luis) #1


When trying to upload a Basic license during the trial period (where the products are fully functional) I got this message:

"graph":["Graph will be disabled"],

"watcher":["Watcher will be disabled"],

"shield":["The following Shield functionality will be disabled: authentication, authorization, ip filtering, auditing, SSL will be disabled on node restart. Please restart your node after applying the license."]

"marvel":["basic","Automatic index cleanup is disabled for clusters with [{}] license.basic"]

Where can I get a simple list/table of functionalities allowed by each license type?


(Steve Kearns) #2

Hi Luis,

You can take a look at our subscriptions page to get a picture of what capabilities are available at which level. The Basic license enables marvel monitoring capability, but does not enable multi-cluster support (where more than one cluster send their Marvel data to the same centralized monitoring cluster), and the retention period for Marvel history is fixed at 7 days (the message logged in 2.3.0 was incorrect and has been fixed).

I hope that helps!

(Luis) #3

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. The subscriptions page doesn't have any information regarding the basic license.

That clears my doubts about the marvel app, but what about the others?

  • Are graph and watcher completely unavailable on the basic license?
  • What is left of shield if all those functionalities are off?
  • what happens after the first year of basic license? Can it be renewed?

Thank you!


(Steve Kearns) #4

Hi Luis,

We're working on updating the subscriptions page - it needs a big overhaul for a number of reasons (most acutely is the missing description of the Basic license), and we're hoping to have it updated for the upcoming v5.0 release.

The Basic license doesn't enable any Shield, Watcher or Graph capabilities, as the license API describes. That said, after your Basic license expires, you are welcome to re-register for another one (there isn't an explicit "renewal" process - you just re-register and use the new license).

Hope that helps!


(system) #5