Marvel 2.1 basic licence. Cannot access cluster data

I have an Elastic 2.1.0 cluster, logging to an external Marvel 2.1 with Kibana 4.3.1.

All worked fine with trial licenses, but when I updated them with a basic one, all clusters gone grayed out in Kibana and I cannot see info of any of them anymore.

There's nothing relevant in either cluster logs.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

Do you have Shield installed in the cluster?

No, only Marvel in both clusters.

Hi Alejandro,

The free Basic license enables most Marvel functionality, but support for multiple clusters from a single monitoring cluster requires a Gold or Platinum license. Note that you do not need to install Marvel on the monitoring cluster itself. If you do have multiple production clusters, you could configure one monitoring cluster per production cluster.


That worked! Thanks!

hi,mole,you have basic license ,marvel in both cluster can work ?But when I use this command (curl -XPUT -u admin 'http://:/_license?acknowledge=true' -d @license.json)to change basic one but marvel can't work? If I use (curl -XPUT -u admin 'http://:/_license' -d @license.json) this to change is not success。marvel on kibana always remind me license is Trial and Expired。I hope your help。

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Hi steve

I have same issus with free Basic license.
I have 1 monitoring node and 2 productions nodes in single cluster.

Hi Suntuo,

You must install the Marvel and licensing plugins on all nodes in your cluster. All nodes must then be restarted after the plugins are installed.


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Hi skearns
It worked a few days later and i didn't restart any node or service.
That's wired, but thank you anyway.

This was such a pain. I have a production and monitoring cluster so I had to remove the marvel plugin from the monitoring cluster. That was no big deal but it didn't take effect until I removed all my historical data :frowning:

Hi @jspooner,

I realize that it doesn't help you now, but we should have a fix for this in 5.0 to avoid that kind of issue (and moving forward).

For what it's worth, the installation should also become dramatically simpler now that Monitoring, Security, Watcher, and Licensing are all combined into a single plugin: x-pack.