How to pick another cluster in Marvel

This sounds so odd, I have configured two different cluster to sent statistics to the same server. Now when I open marvel, it always go to the Overview page of one cluster.

But I want to pick the other cluster, I simply could not find where to click.

From document, if you click on marvel app in kibana, it should default to page where you select cluster, but it just does not happen for me. And there is no link to reset or go back to "home" page. Any advise?

Is the cluster that you are able to see running the TRIAL license while perhaps the missing one is running the BASIC license?

You can confirm this by checking the _license endpoint for each cluster:

$ curl -XGET host:9200/_license

This should show a bunch of information, but you want to check the "type" that it returns.

Let me know.

Thanks for pointing to the direction. I will check next time when I have access.

I do believe I applied basic license to both clusters, although I uses the same license file, will that be a problem?

Also two cluster have different ES version, one is 2.3.2 and the other is 2.3.0. The marvel-agent installed are for specified ES version. I hope that won't be a problem, because I will not be able to upgrade the 2.3.0 as it is production.

And I have turned on marvel debugger on 2.3.0 ES cluster, it is configured http exporters to sent to monitor cluster, and found .es_marvel... indicies already existed, everything seems to be OK. but no message after that. I am not sure if it logs information when sending data to the monitor cluster.

Hi Xiaodong -

In general, it is possible to use the same license file more than once but in your case, the license will not work since the basic license does not offer multi-cluster support. The work-around would be to set up a separate monitoring cluster for each of your clusters and you can monitor them separately.

We encourage you to check out our subscription page to learn more about our commercial features for Marvel which includes multi-cluster support.

The answer to your second question on having different ES versions, that will not be a problem :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

Thanks for pointing out @bohyun , it is license issue. Now resolved.

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