Marvel agent not sending to Marvel monitoring cluster

Hi all,

First time around trying to setup an external Marvel cluster for monitoring several other clusters.

I have setup a 3-nodes Marvel cluster based on the latest version, ES 2.1.1, Kibana 4.3.1, Marvel 2.1.1.
The first production cluster I want to monitor and that needs to ship its data is running on ES 1.7.3. Others are running in 1.7.x for the moment.

My Marvel cluster is running OK, and is currently indexing its own data (just to have something to show...)

I have configured each node of my prod cluster to export via http, with old fashion, such as: [ "http://node1:9200", "http://node2:9200"]

and also the "new" way:
type: http
host: [ "http://node1:9200", "http://node2:9200"]

However, nothing shows up in my Kibana Marvel app. Also, nothing in the logs of my prod cluster nodes related to something happening with regards to marvel.agent.exporter. It is like my configuration has no effect.

Could you guys advise? I would think that my Marvel cluster components can be of a higher version than the nodes I want to monitor.. am I wrong?

Thanks a lot for your time and help.

You can't do cross versions like that unfortunately. So your 1.7.X cluster needs the same on the other end.

OK, thanks for the quick reply.

Given what I see now, should I expect to build a monitoring cluster for each production cluster I have?


Unless you are a subscription cluster, yes. Subscription customers get access to multi-cluster Marvel (ie one Marvel cluster, multiple monitored ones).