Basic license with seperate monitoring cluster

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With marvel on 2.4.X I could run a separate monitoring cluster and have my main cluster send metrics to that cluster. I did not monitor the monitoring cluster so I would only be monitoring the main cluster.

I've deployed elasticsearch v5 to do the same, but it appears kibana expects x-pack to also be deployed to the current elasticsearch cluster as I now receive the below when trying to access kibana web interface:

 plugin:xpack_main@5.0.1     X-Pack plugin is not installed on Elasticsearch cluster

However if I deploy x-pack to the monitoring cluster then the basic license will not support monitoring more than 1 cluster. It unfortunately selects the current cluster to monitor rather than my main cluster. Is there a way to select which cluster to monitor using the basic license?


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Just had to turn off all the x-pack features within the monitoring cluster.

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