Remote ES logs in kibana (x-pack) with basic license

I have 2 ES clusters (data & monitoring) and Kibana cluster.
Currently Kibana is pointing to monitoring ES to get logs and other details.

I have basic license for x-pack. I need to monitor data ES and as I dont need to load this cluster, I want to redirect monitoring data to monitoring ES using 'xpack.monitoring.exporters'.
But monitoring data of data-ES is not coming.

Can someone please help me here. Again am mentioning "I have basic license of x-pack".

First, the collector for your "monitoring" cluster should be disabled because the Basic license will only allow you to monitor a single cluster, and you want the "data" cluster to be activated. You can set xpack.monitoring.collection.interval: -1 on all the nodes of the Monitoring cluster to disable collection.

From the "data" cluster, on ALL the nodes of ES, configure the exporter in the elasticsearch.yml:

  type: http
  host: host:port

That will cause your "data" cluster to send monitoring data to the "monitoring" cluster.


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