Marvel License Disabled Marvel


(Maxwell Flanders) #1

I saw our marvel page telling us that our marvel license was going to expire in a week, so I went and followed the instructions to get a new license here:
(register for a basic license)
(update license)

and now suddenly my marvel "Clusters" page is grayed out for all of the clusters that I applied that license to (even though it says the expiration date is extended), and I can't click or view any of my marvel information on them! Whats going on??!

(Steve Kearns) #2

Hi Maxwell,

It sounds like you may have a centralized monitoring cluster where multiple other clusters are sending their data?

Marvel, with a Basic license, does not support multiple clusters. This functionality is available with a gold or platinum license, however. The details of supported features by license level are called out on our subscriptions page. I suspect the reason it was working before, is that you were on a trial license.

With a Basic license, you will need to setup a monitoring cluster for each production cluster you want to monitor, or store the monitoring information locally on the production cluster.


(system) #3