Beats 6.2.x compatibility with ELK 5.6.x


Are the latest beats (version 6.2.x ) compatible with ELK 5.6.x?
Based on the matrix compatibility found at looks like they are not compatible, but I just wanted to be sure :slight_smile:


As you mention ELK, I assume you are interested in beats 6.2.x with Logstash 5.6.x? According to "Compatibility with Logstash" table, they should be compatible.

I’m interested in metricbeat more exactly and using redis as output instead of logstash. Logstash indexer take the results and feeds the elasticsearch after that.
Can metricbeat 6.2.3 be compatibile with elasticsearch in this scenario?

The redis output json encodes all events. Logstash supports decoding json. I don't see why it should be incompatible.

also The matrix mentions 6.x beats is compatible with Logstash 5.6.x.

Yes, but the matrix also state that beats version greater than 6.0 are not compatibile with elasticsearch 5.6, that’s why I asked.

By sending via redis the only integration point will be the JSON documents. These are compatible.

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