Beats return conflicting mapping


I am struggling to get a very basic ElasticStack / filebeat setup running.

Everything was ok while I was using 7.8.1, but since I upgraded to 7.9.0 the Beats have been creating conflicts in my indexes.

It's only a handful of them, but what I am seeing from Kibana compared to what I see on ECS field reference is different, and I don't understand why.

Typically, this is one of the 4 conflicts I've been stuck with for a while:

Type Index names
ip filebeat-7.8.1-2020.09.02
text filebeat-7.9.0-2020.08.19, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.08.20, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.08.21, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.08.22, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.08.23, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.08.25, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.08.26, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.08.27, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.08.28, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.08.29, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.08.30, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.08.31, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.09.01, filebeat-7.9.0-2020.09.02

According to ECS, source.ip should be ip type, yet all 7.9.0 are returning text.

What am I missing here?

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