Berlin team - looking for ES team teacher & consultant

Hi there, I'm in a team of four devs in Berlin. We are looking for an ES expert to come and answer a bunch of questions, teach us some fundamentals, advise us on how to implement and deploy our ES in our use-case, and maybe even do some freelance work us. We're not looking for someone for next week, but a couple months down the road.
Are there any schools / courses / agencies / individuals in Berlin that you recommend?

Thank you!

Some official trainings are often available in Berlin (not at this moment though).
But there are also official virtual trainings that you can follow:


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I'm not sure what specifically you need. But our company does Elasticsearch
consulting, training, and advisory services. Most of our clients are in the
US and Europe.

I can also recommend Sematext, France Labs, or Flax as other good firms to
check out that come to mind for me, depending on what you need.

I would caution you to select carefully. Pick a partner that's had a legacy
with open source search. There's a tremendous amount of variability in
quality out there. You get what you pay for.

We offer Elasticsearch search relevance training - "Think Like a Relevance
Engineer" - either in a public classroom where people buy tickets or
private class. This class teaches you how to implement search that can
match to user's intent, for your use cases, in open source Elasticsearch.
Both from an organizational (how do we measure search quality, and build a
team around it) and technical perspective (how does one tune search...).

For regular ES classes, I can recommend either the Elastic or Sematext
training as the ones I'm familiar with.

It all depend on what you want. Basic dev intro? Ops? Analytics?
Search/Recsys? etc


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my name is Pere Urbon. I am based in Berlin and doing regular search engine education and consultancy around elasticsearch. I am very happy to chat with you and understand see a bit more how can I be of help.

more details about me:

Looking forward to know more,

--- Pere Urbon

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I can also vouch for Pere as a freelancer!


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