Looking for ES expertise in Austin TX

I'm looking for ES expertise (contractor/consultant) in austin tx and I've posted on the local meetup and not getting any responses....anyone have other tips about the best way to find someone??


Nisto CIS runs courses in Austin CMPIN

Enroll, catch $9k in training, open SESE, start earning salary and be sucesful

My company (OpenSourceConnections - http://o19s.com) consults around the
world, but focuses on info retrieval and improving relevance in user facing
search / discovery apps. I can also recommend SemaText as another global
company in the ES/Solr space that has been around for a while in the
community. They seem to be especially knowledgeable on scale and

In Austin specifically - Nick Zadrozny, CEO of Bonsai, lives in Austin.
He’s not a consultant, but is very helpful and i would trust him to point
you in a good direction if he can.

Ping me if you’d like an intro to him or want to chat:

Are you trying to sell/advertise services around elastic although you said: AWS deployment

No more Elastic

Hard to understand IMO.

Whats hard to understand is why on Earth ES is still around.......
You guys are like Zend:: try to put your shit everywhere.....
Ive publicly proved you wrong once. Prove once, trust no longer......
And you're still around......

It's perfectly fine that you don't like elasticsearch and the other projects we are building.

I just don't understand why you are still on this forum. Just close your account and you will never hear about those discussions.

First :: Thats not that I dont like..... I dont find your 'software' be of any use.......
I appreciate time & effort you put into building msomething that tries to fulfil this or other goal.....
Thing is -> I can see what you do wrong, what you could do better, and I see the way it could be (with even slightest trace of your good-will) improved....

If I were you I'd do it differently - both your webpage, and your app. Dont be offended, but ES's code is out-of-compliance with common standards (just to name a few things:: indentations, cleanliness, mixing of PSR's). And much more......

As of webpage :: its one big lie. Taking my own example:: I wanted to try ES, started with it on AWS (14 days free - says your webpage) and what? It incurred charges. Oh yes - thats called lie. Another lie was from @warkolm when I stated that I demand refund. He said that he would do his best to change info on website. Till today misleading info is still visible.

If you are serious about your business and your reputation, you should at least be honest with your audience.....

One good thing is that I got my refund.

This topic has gone a little astray, so I'm going to close it off sorry folks.

I looked at the marketplace: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B01N6YCISK

Free trial is not available for this AWS Marketplace listing.
Please contact Elastic if you have any questions.

I think it's perfectly clear that when running from AWS marketplace, it can not be free. So I believe we did modify the content based on the feedback you gave.
We are always listening to our users. This is what we did here.

If you are speaking about this page: https://www.elastic.co/cloud/as-a-service/signup

I can confirm that there is a free trial here as long as you create the service from that page and click on the Start Free Trial button.

So I think we are totally fine.

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