Best practice in elasticsearch idnex

I have few log with some same patter and some different patterh.

Log name (same pattern)


Log name (different pattern)


Environment name


Is this good practice for index


Having lots of small indices is very very inefficient and scales badly. It looks like your scheme could produce lots of small indices so I would not recommend it. What is wrong with a single time-based index, e.g. managed using rollover?

can share details. then during table view in kibana how i can only display for a single log. how you will expect the index patter will be. i worried if all log use 1 index can cause slow as there are 15 logs total for 1 environment

The general recommendation is to aim for a shard size of at least a few GB and a few tens of GB is very common. You can still have the data you used to create index names in the actual events so that you can filter them in Kibana.

in my log which i pss i didnt have the log name in it. if this the case how i can filter only a.log. is there a way to append log name so i know this belongs to which logs

How are you shipping the log data? Filebeat?

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