Best Source for In-Depth Understanding of Indices and Shards

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Hello Team

I'm very interested in understanding how shards are managed in elasticsearch. I mean I want to understand from basics to everything that we should know for designing and maintaining a elasctisearch cluster in production.

As of now, I've a baisc knowledge but I want to understand more like how many shards are created for every index, how much max data each shard can allocate , how to design to improve the performance like these I have many questions?

Can you please suggest me the best resources to understand shard and index management in ES.
Also are there any books for the same. would be happy, if avaialable.

Please help

Thanks for your time as always :slight_smile:



You could start here

By default each index has 5 shards but you can configure that. There are recommendations to how large a shard should be and how many shards per ES node makes sense but it all depends a lot on what your data looks like and your use case.

For even more info read Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide

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Hello A_B,

Thank you.

Any books you recommend for my requirement?


Sorry @rahulnama, I have not read any books on Elasticsearch so can't help you there. So far I have been ok with the documentation supplied by Elastic.

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The answer to your questions depend a lot on the use-case and the type of hardware available, so I would recommend looking at these resources:

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Thank you @A_B. Not a prob :slight_smile:

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Thankyou @Christian_Dahlqvist :smile:

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