Best way to show HTTPStatusCodes in graph

(Sameer Panicker) #1

Previously -

The previous one had Bad Request displayed seperately as it had a space.


Is there a better way to generate chart with http status codes which has/not has spaces?

(Spencer Alger) #2

The reason your status text is getting split on words is because the field value is "analyzed" to make it more searchable. If you store a non-analyzed version of the text it won't be split into individual tokens, but the entire value will be treated as a single token.

This is done automatically when you use logstash, it created .raw versions of all string fields which stored the original non-analyzed version, so you will regularly see examples with status_text.raw so that Not Found is not treated as the two terms Not and Found

(Sameer Panicker) #3

Currently, I don't have *.raw fields. Is there any other way to implement it ?

(Spencer Alger) #4

I'm afraid not

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