Incorrect visualization displayed for field names containing spaces

(Sameer Panicker) #1

Here, the data visualization captured for each HTTP Response Code(Reason Phrase) is displayed incorrectly.

In actual, my response phrases captured in logs are OK, Unauthorized, Bad Request, Service Unavailable, etc. For OK and Unauthorized it shows correctly, but wherever it finds a space, incorrect visualization is set. i.e. for Bad Request and Service Unavailable.

Ideally, the right hand panel should show Bad Request and Service Unavailable together.

The same thing happens for my URL visualization. It breaks my URL "api/myservice/phone" into api, myservice and phone.

What can I do here ?

(Mark Walkom) #2

As per that yellow !, you are trying to graph an analysed field. This means that ES splits on things like white spaces.

Are you using Logstash to ingest this data?

(Sameer Panicker) #3

Nope, I am not using Logstash to ingest data. I am using a Elastic Search sink (Semantic Logging) to put data directly into ES database.

(system) #4