Bitbucket-elastic connection problem

Hello, i have a next problem.

Bitbucket instance during test displays:
INFO [I/O dispatcher 4] c.a.b.s.s.t.DefaultElasticsearchConnectionTester Connected to Elasticsearch version 6.5.3

In browser when i go to the elastic_test_link(localhost:9200/_cat/health?v) it display:
epoch timestamp cluster status...
1566305545 12:52:25 elasticsearch green...

I see Elastic - running and in status 'green'.. but during search in bitbucket i have next in logs bitbucket:
ERROR [http-nio-7990-exec-3] admin @1S1WF1Yx955x515x0 eraers "POST /rest/search/latest/search HTTP/1.1" Unexpected response code from Elasticsearch: 404

Maybe you can tell me where I should look .. To understand what is happening to them.

the URL endpoint you are trying to poll is not from Elasticsearch (the one starting with rest), I think your best bet would be to ping the vendor/author of that piece of code.

As it revealed, im was no attentive and trying install dont supported version Elasticsearch. All works good from box, when i install correct version...

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