Blank Management Page Kibana

banging my head against the wall ...

All services seem to work - seeing this in multiple browsers

can you check development console (press F12 and click on console) if there are any errors popping up ?

what version of kibana ?

Thanks for your reply!! Had not thought about the developers console. This is the error I am getting:


Running version 5.2.2

hmm .... this seems like a request not an error ?

Error: IndexPattern's configured pattern does not match any indices
at handleMissingIndexPattern (kibana.bundle.js?v=14723:26)
at processQueue (commons.bundle.js?v=14723:38)
at commons.bundle.js?v=14723:38
at Scope.$eval (commons.bundle.js?v=14723:39)
at Scope.$digest (commons.bundle.js?v=14723:39)
at Scope.$apply (commons.bundle.js?v=14723:39)
at done (commons.bundle.js?v=14723:37)
at completeRequest (commons.bundle.js?v=14723:37)
at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onload (commons.bundle.js?v=14723:37)

were you asked to configure the index pattern the first time you started kibana ?

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