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bootstrap is a really common-used ui component when we write visualize plugin, please give a official solution

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Hi there, as always, you can include whatever CSS you want in your plugin, though of course there is the possibility of collisions between Bootstrap's selectors and the ones which exist in Kibana's CSS. The same goes with JavaScript dependencies. Because we don't currently officially support a plugin API (including one for building UIs), I can't give you any more concrete guidance than that.

But I do want to emphasize that we're currently working hard on improving and formalizing our plugin system. I'm personally focused on improving the way plugin authors can build user interfaces in a maintainable way. You can follow for updates that are particularly relevant to our UI and CSS, and you can clone the latest master and check out our UI Framework, to see the direction we're taking with our CSS and UI-specific JavaScript. I hope this provides some transparency for you.


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