What version of bootstrap is Kibana using?

Hello there!

We are using the ELK stack at work for a bigger project and recently we come across creating some custom plugins. However, I'm not sure what version of bootstrap is embedded into Kibana. I'm trying to use some components and styles and sometimes they work, sometime not. Among the installed modules for the plugin, I have "angular-ui-bootstrap": "2.5.6" . Right now I am using the 6.2.3 release, but I can switch if needed (preferably I'd like to use Bootstrap v4).


Our version won't be reliable, I think it's a very old local copy of 0.12. We're migrating away from all angular and bootstrap code (slowly) and replacing it with one we're building. https://github.com/elastic/eui

And what's the best idea if I want to use components from bootstrap 4.0, for example?
I tried inserting the css/js files in the plugin's html file, it works, but I don't think it is a good idea on the long run. Can you recommend anything? (for any version of the actual Kibana, for an angularjs approach). Thanks!

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