Where can I find the Elastic UI CSS? Can I use it without Javascript?

I tagged this Kibana because I couldn't see a better category for it. I am entirely new to UI programming, but I'm creating a web app which displays Kibana 7.8 dashboards- yes, I have reasons for doing this instead of using Kibana directly- and I would like the rest of the portal to match. It says in the documentation that you can use the CSS alone but then tells you to use Webpack, which as far as I'm aware is only for Javascript. I wrote my web app in Golang. Is there any way to use the UI without Javascript?

Hi @egray you can get the distribution CSS from the dist folder if you build the sources, but it's also published on NPM so you can grab it for example from this website

Then you can use it following the examples in the Demo HTML tab in the documentation.

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