Breaking limitations of visualization builder

I am working on trying to display a metric which aims to measure the number of users of the application that have used the platform for at least 5 unique days in a quarter.

Every use is sent to a log file document, with the relevant timestamps being used to track unique days of use.

I can correctly achieve the desired count value returned in a JSON object from the Kibana Dev Tools Console, however, the visualisation builder for a metric does not allow for me to create an equivalently complex query to retrieve this value. Is there a way of directing writing the full query with all necessary aggregations and bucket filters to create a visualisation or am I limited by the restrictions of the UI tool?

Sure, you can actually use the full query DSL in the query bar when you have Lucene selected as your query language. So you should be able to take the JSON and paste it directly into the query bar to achieve what you want.

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