Kibana grouping query

Hello ,

I have some json logs from ES and looking for some customized output visualization on Kibana. Could you please confirm if this is possible, if yes how can i achieve this ? any help appreciated .


{ "STATUS": "OFFLINE", "CMP_NAME": "ABC123", "TYPE": "POS" }
{ "STATUS": "ONLINE", "CMP_NAME": "ABC123", "TYPE": "POS" }
{ "STATUS": "OFFLINE", "CMP_NAME": "ABC123", "TYPE": "POS" }
{ "STATUS": "OFFLINE", "CMP_NAME": "ABC124", "TYPE": "POS" }
{ "STATUS": "ONLINE", "CMP_NAME": "ABC124", "TYPE": "POS" }
{ "STATUS": "ONLINE", "CMP_NAME": "ABC125", "TYPE": "POS" }

Can we get the count of cmp_name which have the status=offline count >=2 using kibana ?

Yeah, you can. You can just create a metric visualization, and put "status:offline and count:>=2" in the query bar.

Hi Lukas, Thank you for the comments. Here i am looking for the unique count of cmp_name which have more than 2 time offline as status


Hmm... This is more complicated than I originally thought. The only way I can think to do this to plot the unique count against the terms for CMP_NAME.

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