Breaklines character

Good morning,

I have an easy question about the text field when in the string I have breaklines. I have seen that in this moment when I read the index field I something like this:

"enEN" : """- Characteristics of the game:
 Good leveling.
 Good rewards

The 2 and 3 line appears with a different color and I think that the correct should be:

"- Characteristics of the game:\nGood leveling. \nGood rewards"

Is it correct with this character to breakline?

Thanks forthe help.

It looks good to me. Why do you think the way Kibana prints your data is incorrect?

The text appears in different color and I though that the problem was any character like ' or the breakline.

Are the same the two options?


I think you are using Kibana Dev Tools here. It might have some issues to render properly the content of a json _source field. It should not be an issue in your application.

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