Broken links in javadocs

Hi. I'm trying to reach the javadoc for the request data types but am unable to.

  • via the Java REST high level client javadoc: alls links to data types (*Request) yield 404s
  • via the deprecated Java API client: all links to client methods (prepare*) yield 404s

I used to be able to do the latter, but find it extremely annoying since that API is deprecated and we are encouraged to use the former instead.

Can you pplease fix the javadoc for the high-level client?

can you share a concrete link that you are using to read the javadocs so we can take a look and fix it?

Thank you!

Hi Alexander, thank you very much for taking care of this. Of course:

Perhaps there is a better way to achieve the same thing that I didn't see?


I'll open an issue about that. This not only happens with the SNAPSHOTs aka unreleased versions, but the same happens when you try to read the 7.4.2 docs at

Thanks for posting about it!

Update: Created

Many thanks for your quick reaction :ok_hand:

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