Bucket the most 10 popular terms using a scripted field

Hi there,
I am a bit struggling getting this right.
I have some log messages, What I need to do is to look for log.message, get the first 15 characters and display the most 10 popular messages.
What I did so far is create a scripted field and retrieve log.message and trunc it to 15 characters. Nevertheless, while displaying in a chart, kibana still considers it as different. For example

This is a log message ABC
This is a log message CBA
This is a log message BBB
This is a log message ABC

If I query the script, it shows as
This is a log m...
This is a log m...
This is a log m...

And if I do a count and display it in a bar chart, I see them as independent categories, the exactly repeated ones in one category, but I would also like to see the rest based on the script.

Any other way I can do this? or to make this work?

What you want is doable with a terms aggregation and a script.

Can can post the graph you're generating and highlight the problems?

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