Bug: Drilldowns do not take over values from Controls

Elasticsearch / Kibana 8.3.3

I've replaced the Input Control Visualisations (that were outlined as deprecated) with the new controls.

However, a drilldown does not take over the values that have been set by a control, as this was the case before with the Input Control Visualizations. This is a bug.

Steps to reproduce:

Choose a value from the "Communities & Collections" dropdown menu, e.g. "04 Faculty of Medicine". Control applies to the current dashboard.

Then click on a visualisation (e.g. the Green piece of the pie chart), then choose either "Apply Filter to Current View" or "Go to Publishers and Journals"

==> the Dashboard forgets the previously chosen "04 Faculty of Medicine"

This is not the way it should behave. Controls should work like filters and add a filter to the filter bar.

Hi @Martin_Braendle! I've responded on the Kibana Issue that you raised. Let me know if you have any questions.

ty - I have answered there.

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