Add filter to controls on drilldown

I have one question. In a dashboard I have a drilldown on a pie chart to a dashboard that contains an options control element. The pie chart has buckets for field A (plant) and field B (topic).
The controls object has the same fields configured, with field b as a child of field a.

When I now click on a slice in the pie chart and chose the drilldown option the dashboard opens and the filters are applied correctly, but they are not selected in the controls object.

Also when I select additional plants in the dropdown they are not added to the same filter, but as a separate one, screwing up the filter completely:

I first have to remove the filters completely and then re-add them from the dropdowns.

What I would like is, that the filter that is applied to the dashboard, is reflected in the controls object when using the drilldown.

Is this possible somehow?


Hi @SvenSpudat

welcome to the Kibana community.

I think what you are looking for is part of a known issue:

Maybe you could add your use case to the issue.

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