Kibana controls and Drill Down

We're creating some dashboards that we sell to other ELK users as a part of our offering.

I'm adding some controls to some of our new drill down dashboards - that all seems to work quite nicely - but I've a problem with initialization. While we have some names of select able elements in our test data, they probably aren't going to match any names that our customers have in the same fields. For example, we might have systems TEST1, TEST2 and TEST3 in our test data, but the people that actually come to use the dashboards probably won't. Their systems could be anything - TOM, DICK and HARRY, for example.

So how can I specify that the controls should take, say, the first available value as a default rather than pulling all of the data and producing a non-sensical display? The field in single select, not multi-select, and the data only makes sense when shown for a single system.

Alternatively, is there a way to stop the visualization from showing anything until the user has selected a value in all the single select controls? I've got delayed activation of the controls (user has to press apply to update the graph), but I'm still getting expensive non-sense data when they first open the dashboard.

Having the user edit each dashboard and save it with some defaults selected isn't an acceptable solution. There are many dashboards and I'll probably need to ship them updates at some point, so requiring the user to spend a couple of hours messing with them after each update isn't on.

Hi @mykael,

This isn't currently possible but there are future plans to enhance input controls where select top N could be a good addition. Feel free to open an enhancement request in the Kibana repo:

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