Bug in "Group other values in separate bucket" with x axis and split series by "Terms"

I have encountered a strange behaviour in Kibana when using the "Group other values in separate bucket" feature. You can see that when I use "Size=69" there is no problem, but when I change to "Size=68" a huge "Other" bucket is created.

Is this a bug or am I just misunderstanding the definition of the "Size" field? I was expecting that we could create a plot with "Size" buckets, then anything which doesn't fit into the first Size buckets (in decreasing order of the sorting method) would fall into the "Other" bucket. So when switching from Size=69 to 68 I would expect a new bucket called "Other" to be created with only 1 or 2 items in it, not ~180 as seen here.

Size=69: No problem I think:

Size=68: Why is "Other" so big:

I've been using the "Group other values in separate bucket" alot, but this behaviour above is making me doubt the correctness of plots using this feature entirely.

I think this is related on the number of shards that you have on your index as this is how Elasticsearch size works:

Can you show the request and response from viz in both cases from the Inspector menu?

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