"Group other values in separate bucket" Option does not work in bar graphs

(Rajat Jain) #1

I have created a bar graph that splits each bar (series) to show the 5 top frequently used items. However, when since I want all the other items to be shown in an "others" bucket, I clicked on the "Group other values in separate bucket" option. However, there is no change in the graph and only 5 buckets appear.

Could you please help me with the issue?

(Jen Huang) #2

Is it possible that your data for that field doesn't have more than 5 distinct values? The "Other" bucket will not show if the count of other values is 0.

You can check the distinct values of a field by running a query like this in Console, where logstash-* is your index pattern, and machine.os.keyword is your field:

GET logstash-*/_search
  "size": "0",
  "aggs": {
    "uniq_values": {
      "terms": {
        "field": "machine.os.keyword"

(Rajat Jain) #3

Thanks for the reply!

No, my data has about a 1000 values each. I think I may have found a bug as if I place split chart in the end of my aggregations list, the other bucket shows, while if I place the split chart at the top, the others bucket does not show up.

I am sure that the data is pruned as the total length of the bars in the graph is reduced @jen-huang.

(Jen Huang) #4

That sounds like it could be a valid bug, you can open a Github issue with details: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues

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