"other_bucket_key" for bar charts

Hi there,
I am using Kibana 6.2.4.

For pie charts the bucket defined as json as follows works like a charm:
{"other_bucket_key": "Failure"}

I haven't been able to do the same for bar charts, although I don't understand why this wouldn't work. Am I right or is there a different way to proceed when it comes to bar charts ?

Thanks !

Hey @emarin, are you trying to set the other bucket label using the "JSON input" in the Visualize editor? Have you tried using the "Label for the other bucket" input instead?

Hi @Brandon_Kobel and thanks for your answer.
I am indeed using the "JSON input" in the visualize editor, but I don't know what "Label for the other bucket is refferring to", is it some area I should see in the editor ?

The vizualisation I am using is a bar chart, using split series with Filters.

Thanks !


Hey @emarin, if you're using a "terms aggregation" you can choose the following option via the editor, but it's not available for the filters aggregation:


It appears that the bar chart lets you put in the { "other_bucket_key": "other_messages" } in the JSON input and it's using it properly to create the request to Elasticsearch, but it's not displaying the bucket on the graph. I'd recommend opening up an issue here for using this with the filters aggregation.

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