BUG: Negative value is successfully set for "discovery.zen.commit_timeout" parameter

Hi Everyone,

Elasticsearch Version: 5.5

I am able to successfully set the negative value of "discovery.zen.commit_timeout" parameter in elasticsearch.yml or when it's value is changed dynamically by using the cluster update settings API.

Whereas an error is shown on the console when "discovery.zen.publish_timeout" parameter is set to negative value.

Failed to parse value [-10s] for setting [discovery.zen.publish_timeout] must be >= 0s (Debug Log)

Why the value of "discovery.zen.commit_timeout" parameter can be set to negative value?

Can anyone also tell what will be value of "discovery.zen.commit_timeout" parameter when it successfully set to negative value (let say, -10s). Is it still set to default "30s" value?

Nikhil Kapoor

Thanks @nikhil.k. This looks to have been the situation for a very long time, and these parameters are expected to see a bit of an overhaul in 7.0 so this issue will not apply any more. For now, if you set it to a negative value it's treated like zero, i.e. an immediate timeout.

It's not recommended to change these settings from their defaults, as this can cause cluster instability.

Hi @DavidTurner

I have filed this bug in the github:

Nikhil Kapoor

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